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Valentine’s creative journey began in 1986 where her intention has always remained the same; understated, perfectly flattering clothing, made exquisitely, to transcend every client to feeling and looking their best.

Having always celebrated artistry Anna works alongside her talented in-house team of designers, pattern-cutters, fitters and seamstresses. The relationship between client and maker is key to the highly personalised service.



Included in her year round collectible additions, are accessories including jewellery, hats and bags, all hand-crafted by the in house team. Dyeing, knitting and embroidery are worked on in house or collaboratively with local artists. As specialists in their crafts, these artisans create unique colours, eco-printed fabrics, knit construction and embroidered details.



No aspect is ever overlooked, from the sourcing of an exact bead to the dyeing of fabric to the perfect tone. The result is timeless couture, the finest attention to detail and savouring traditional skills; always with a modern approach.


‘The Simplicity is deceptive… an effortless sophistication born of 30 years of couture.’


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