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Our Values

As a London based British couturier, designing and making clothes for private clients, our ethos has always been to make high quality clothing that is beautiful yet timeless and can be loved and worn for many years.

We are committed to integrating sustainable and responsible practices, recognising the importance of minimising our environmental impact, promoting ethical sourcing, and contributing to the wellbeing of our team and community.


Number 15 shadow is cast onto the atelier floor. Warm tonal image.

In-house team:

All bespoke clothing is designed and made in our London atelier by our small multi-national team of highly skilled designers, dressmakers and pattern cutters; many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years. We encourage harmony and respect amongst our small team of 15, to promote good working practices and a healthy, positive working environment. The team are all experts in their respective crafts, and work collaboratively to produce garments of the highest quality for our clients.

Enduring design:

We believe in crafting a timeless wardrobe for our clients, and encourage that clothing should not be discarded after each season. We take a carefully considered approach to designing our collections, from fabrication to function.

We naturally aim to be as circular as possible, offering clients advice on how to care for their garments, as well as a re-styling, re-sizing, repair and alteration service to prolong the life of well-loved pieces.

Natural fibres are always our go to choice when designing our pieces, due to their impeccable quality and durability. As our product range is almost entirely created using natural fibres, we can be assured that once our garments reach the end of their life, they will biodegrade in a way that is kinder to the environment than synthetic fibres. We prioritise the use of more environmentally friendly materials, and where possible, we use certified organic, fairtrade and ethically sourced qualities. We are aware of the impacts of over-farming and the degradation of land, and therefore mainly work with suppliers that prioritise animal and environmental welfare.

Monochrome image of rolls of stock fabrics. Tags are visible showing relevant information to each fabric
Monochrome image of shelves of threads, ribbons, grossgrain and bindings.

Quality over quantity:

To prevent overproduction and waste, we have reduced our Ready to Wear collection to work more on a Made to Order basis, whilst our Made to Measure and Couture collections are always made bespoke for private clients. Through our commitment to low consumption and production, we consider our processes to have a lower impact in terms of environmental pollution and waste.

Maximising usage and minimising waste are key elements within our design process. We feel fabrics of impeccable quality should be given a second story, and prioritise saving excess fabric remnants, for use in the design of unique pieces.

Anna Valentine X Charles Laurie London bag collaboration. 3 bags suspended against a neutral wall.

Supporting artisans in the community:

We are committed to supporting and championing artisans & craftspeople, and prioritise British & small businesses. As advocates for slow and considered production, we regularly collaborate with selected British dyers, knitters and leatherworkers. The result; longstanding relationships, impeccable quality and timeless design, for bespoke client projects and collection pieces.

Monochrome image of 3 of the Anna Valentine team working on a wedding dress in the atelier showroom. An active working space.

Nurturing new talent:

We believe in supporting the next generation of talent to develop and hone their craft. Students are often welcomed to join our team for internships, where we endeavour to pass on as many new skills and experiences as possible to these aspiring designers and craftspeople. Our support continues to nearby colleges, who we regularly connect with to donate used sewing machines and workroom equipment, fabrics, relevant books and magazines to students studying the arts.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable or

re-usable; comprising of FSC certified paper, cardboard, ethically sourced wooden hangers, and natural calico bags. Clients are encouraged to reuse our calico tote bags and garment bags as everyday totes and protective storage in their wardrobe. Any surplus calico tote or garment bags are returned to us, to be re-used in house or recycled.

All single-use plastics are being phased out of our operations, with new and innovative replacements to these being researched.

Calico garment bags hanging up in a row.

In the atelier:

Through our commitments to improving our energy efficiency, we have reduced our energy usage by 39% from 2021 to 2024 (January – June comparison), and use 54% renewable energy sources in our supply. Responsible disposal of waste is ensured throughout the atelier, with all waste collected, sorted and recycled by our ‘zero-to-landfill’ waste management system.


Our continued impact:

We recognise there is always room for improvement, and are constantly working to manage our impact by continuously measuring, monitoring, and reducing it. We are regularly reviewing our sustainability practices and identifying areas for improvement and innovation.

Shadows of leaves and branches, taken from inside our atelier of the silver birch trees outside the front door.
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